Warp Zone Laptops

Warp Zone Cleanup and Inventory Day

Cara, Eric, Allen, and I met up at Dish for breakfast then headed to Warp Zone to work on cleaning up the space and taking inventory. We got rid of a lot and came up with a cataloging system for laptops, monitors, headsets and more. Loi dropped by later and helped too. This was a huge improvement to our organization in the space! Great work!

Warp Zone Laptops Warp Zone Laptops

Projects I worked on

  • Warp Zone cleanup and inventory
  • Static blog generator

Talked to Eric about Kick Bot DX progress, and Eric worked on Hitchikers server stuff

- Alex Bezuska
About Game Artist and Devloper Alex Bezuska

Alex is a game artist and developer at independent games studio Two Scoop Games. He is passionate about making art and technology work together for a purpose through games and interactive art.
Alex also serves on the board of 501(c)3 non-profit Louisville Makes Games! where he does his best to help further an inclusive and encouraging local game creation community in Louisville, Kentucky through meetups, events, and kids classes.
He is also an avid lover of ice cream.